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Tell-Tale Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement


A roof is an essential part of our home. It protects us from direct heat, snowfall, rain, and other elements detrimental to our safety and health. Thus, ensuring our roof is in good condition is a practice we need to do regularly. Here are the signs that you need a new roof.

  • Age

    Like every material we use in our house, old age is a sign of replacement. When roofing was done 20 years ago and has not been replaced, it’s high time to change it. If you are considering a home or commercial building construction in Pennsauken, New Jersey, use a durable and quality roof to preserve it longer.

  • Moss

    Moss is probably one of the common enemies of a roof’s lifespan. Some can be removed easily, but when it accumulates for a longer period, it may be difficult to remove them. When they are removed, it won’t prevent them from growing again. Replacing your roof is a significant aspect of home maintenance.

  • Shingles

    Shingles are the gateway to your roofing system. If you have observed that the edges of the shingles are curling, missing, cracked, or damaged, replacement is necessary. For your roofing demolition needs in New Jersey, construction and demolition companies can assist.

  • Leaks

    A roof protects us from various elements. When a roof leak persists, do not wait for it to get larger. Replace your roof when repairs are not enough. You would not want to sleep at the sound of raindrops reaching your room.

For your roofing replacement needs, let WLF CONSTRUCTION & DEMOLITION handle it for you. We guarantee the quality, durability, and sustainability of your roofing system. We also offer junk removals, construction interiors, flooring, plumbing, and other construction and demolition services. Contact us!

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